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Bunker's Hill


Bunker's Hill Roscrea has a unique character that has managed to persevere through the sands of time.  Once in bad array - at the turn of the century it was totally remodelled.

Immediately below is a series of eight views (you will only see five thumbnails) of Bunker's Hill from 1900 - 1998.  Just click on any image to enlarge it and like Facebook, use the arrows to the left and right to move from one to the next.

Photo 1
This is the view of both sides of Bunker's Hill from the entrance to the Roscrea Bacon factory.   The picture was taken on the occasion of the opening of the new houses and much was made of their design at the time featuring the lovely awning over each door.
Photo 2  
This picture features a view of part of Grove Street prior to 1908. The six "bad houses" had been condemned by the Medical Officer for Health as being unfit for human habitation and were torn down as a consequence.
Photo 3
This photo shows the demolition of the "bad houses" prior to the construction of the new ones.
Photo 4
This photo features the some of the new houses on Grove Street that replaced the thatched ones.  The photo dates from the official opening in 1913 and the "three gentlemen directly concerned with the development" Messrs T. Dooley, C. J. Spain and J. Day are seen standing in the road.

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