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Corporal Michael Fletcher

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A World War 1 veteran

by Joe Coughlan
This is a picture of Corporal Michael Fletcher from number 8 Burgoo (Limerick St) in full dress uniform.
Michael was born on 21st of June 1888.  He enlisted into the British army in Roscrea on 2nd of June 1908 where he was to spend the next 12 years of his life.  He was discharged on 28th of June 1920 having reached the rank of sergeant and was awarded the British war medal and the victory medal 1914 - 1919.  On his discharge papers it states that he had bronchitis and emphysema as a result of gas poisoning in the trenches in France.
He married Christine Riley from Bothaireen Glas (Green St) and had 6 children – Mary, Margaret, Patrick, Michael, Joseph and Thomas.  He spent the next 35 years working for Tipperary County Council until his death on January 22nd 1955.  He was also one of the founder-members of Roscrea Fire Brigade.
After his death his wife was refused a war widows pension because she could not prove that he died as a result of his war injuries.

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