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Free state soldiers in castle yard.

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On the 19th of July 1922 the Free State Army arrived in Roscrea and took charge of Damer House and the castle. Below is a transcript of a piece in the Nenagh Guardian on July 29th.
                                                                                                                                                                                Upwards of 150 Dail troops in the command of Col-Comdt Collison arrived in Roscrea on Thursday week and took over the old military barracks in Castle St, for years used as a tuberculosis dispensary. A number of patients who were in the institution were removed to the workhouse where a wing has been allotted to them, Doctor o Connell and his staff having almost completed the necessary arrangements for its conversion as a temporary dispensary. The number of Dail troops are put at between 150 and 200 but reinforcements are expected. All approaches to the town are now guarded and motorists and motor cyclists are being held up and cars and machines examined. An armoured car also patrols the streets both day and night while the country roads are also patrolled as far as felled trees allow and the troops are cooperating with the town guard.
  Col-Comdt Collison who is in command of the Dail troops there is a Moneygall man and  was until the beginning of the Anglo Irish war a member of the Roscrea No 2 Council and it is no exaggeration to say that while acting in that capacity he proved himself a brilliant administrator.

  The pictures below
with thanks to Nuala Moloney shows free State soldiers in the castle yard in 1922/23

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