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Gloster House By Garry Mc Evoy
The mansion at Gloster House dates from 1680 although it incorporates an earlier manor house from the early 1600s.During the reign of James 1st Edmond Medhop was granted 500 acres in the area known as Glasderry on the Roscrea to Birr road. The Lloyd family come to acquire Gloster through the marriage of Rose Medhop to captain Trevor Lloyd who was the son of a general who had served in the army of Charles 1st. they married in 1639 and the Llowd family remained associated with Gloster right up till the 1950s.The present appearance is due to extensive remodelling commisioned by Trevor Lloyed in1730. He employed the renowned architect Sir Edward Pearse to carry out these works and Pearse added wings and a sandstone parapet to the main house he also embellished the gardens with statues ponds and a more formal layout.Pearce was a cousin of Trevor Lloyd and was also involved in such projects as Castletown house in kildare and Parliament house in Dublin.He also constructed a large folly arch with obelisk and although in poor condition still stands overlooking the house.To the west and north of the house still stand 2 gate lodges one with a formal tree lined entrance .At the time of the alterations the Lloyds held over 5000 acres around the estate.They enclosed the entire demesne with a large stone wall which also provided employment for the local workforce .They also had connections through marriage to the Parsons of Birr castle and the Vaughans of Golden Grove.The Lloyds association with Gloster ended in 1958 when Major Lloyd sold the property to the Salesian Nuns who added a school to the rear of the main house.They remained there untill the early 90 s and today the mansion is in the care of Tom and Mary Alexander who are in the process of restoring it to its former glory.The lloyds are Buried at Ettagh cemetery and a fine monument stands there as a reminder of their legacy in .John Lloyd a direct descendant is an English tv producer whose works include the Blackadder series

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