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Names 1823

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The table below contains some common names of 1823 as well as their occupations and addresses.  A more organised version is available for download.
Download the list here.

Surname First Address Occupation
Abbott William Mall Tailors
Acres  Robert (and miller), Main St Bakers
Acres, Esq Adam Mill Park Gentry and Clergy
Acres, Esq Thomas  Gentry and Clergy
Bannan Edward Rosemary St Publicans
Benn Percy Limerick street Publicans
Birch  & Co. (and Distillers) Brewers
Birch, Esq Geo. Mount Inchia Gentry and Clergy
Birch, Esq John Birch Grove Gentry and Clergy
Birch, Esq Timothy  Gentry and Clergy
Birch, Esq William Henry Birch Grove Gentry and Clergy
Bowen Thomas Limerick street Publicans
Brannan, Rev Timothy  Gentry and Clergy
Bridge Mrs. Ashbury Gentry and Clergy
Brierley Srimpton Castle street Boot and Shoe Makers
Brown Nicholas Main St Publicans
Brown William  Inns and Hotels
Brown William Castle st Watch Maker
Buckley  Henry Hillsborough Factory Woolen Manufacturers
Buckley, Esq Wm Hillsborough Gentry and Clergy
Burgin James Main St Publicans
Burgin Martin Limerick street Publicans
Burgin Nicholas Rosemary St Publicans
Burgin Patrick (and Carpenter), Castle st Publicans
Burke Mary Rosemary St Publicans
Canter, Esq Joseph Ann Grove Gentry and Clergy
Carroll Joseph Rosemary St Woolen Manufacturers
Carroll Michael Main St Leather Sellers
Carroll Michael Main St Tanners
Carroll William (and Mason), Limerick street Publicans
Cathcart Rolleston N  Attorneys
Chetwyn Captain Dungar Gentry and Clergy
Cleary John Main St Booksellers
Cleary John Main St Haberdashers
Cockrane Captain  Gentry and Clergy
Comerford James Main St Ironmongers
Cox  Sam Mall Attorneys
Cox, Esq Hopton Butler Laurel Hill Gentry and Clergy
Crampton Richard Main St Tallow Chandlers
Crowford Hugh Rosemary st Brazier
Curtis Daniel Castle street Boot and Shoe Makers
Dancer Richard  Physicians and Surgeons
Dann John Main St Boot and Shoe Makers
Dann John Main St Leather Sellers
Dann Jonathan Main St Boot and Shoe Makers
Darby, Esq John Leap Castle Gentry and Clergy
Davey Mary Rosemary St Publicans
Delaney John Limerick street Earthenware Dealers
Delany Thomas Main St Apothecaries
Downer William Henry New Medical Hall, Main Apothecaries
Dudley Francis (& Trimming & Fancy Warehouse), Castle St
Dudley Francis Castle street Timber Merchants
Dudley  Francis Castle street Iron Merchant
Dudley, Esq Shelton Mount Dudley Gentry and Clergy
Dwyer James  Main St Boot and Shoe Makers
Egan Stephen Cottage Bakers
Egan Stephen  Brewers
Eggers Paul (and Printer), Castle Street Booksellers
England John Main St Publicans
Evans Richard Main St Ironmongers
Evans William Main St Saddlers
Evans  James Main St Boot and Shoe Makers
Evans, Esq Win. Dungar Park Gentry and Clergy
Fallon John Castle street Publicans
Fawcett George Main St Grocers
Fawcett George Main St Haberdashers
Fawcett George Main St Linen Drapers
Fawcett George Main St Wine and Spirts Dealers
Feehan Kierney (manufacturer), Main st Tobacconists
Freehan Michael (Beef Steak Tavern), Castle st Publicans
Freeman, Esq Francis Summer Hill Gentry and Clergy
Gilfoil Daniel Abbey Street Boot and Shoe Makers
Goulding  James  Smith
Goulding, Esq William  Mall Gentry and Clergy
Grotty Thomas Main St Woolen Manufacturers
Guynan Daniel Rosemary St Publicans
Hamilton, Rev John  Gentry and Clergy
Harding, Esq Henry Grange Gentry and Clergy
Harding, Esq Samuel  Gentry and Clergy
Harding, Esq Wm  Gentry and Clergy
Hart, Esq Charles Tinderry Gentry and Clergy
Harvey Patrick Bridge Publicans
Hayes G  (and Stuff), Castle st Woolen Manufacturers
Head, Esq Henry Clonlisk Gentry and Clergy
Hendy Thomas Grove Street Tailors
Higgins John Castle street Confectioner
Higgins Peter Limerick street Publicans
Hurst, Esq George Fancraft Gentry and Clergy
Hutchinson Captain Timoney Park Gentry and Clergy
Hutchinson, Esq Wm. Henry Rock Forest Gentry and Clergy
Jackson Edward Main St Tallow Chandlers
Jackson George Rosemary St Tallow Chandlers
Jackson William Main St Leather Sellers
Jackson  Edward Main St Bakers
Jackson, Esq Peter Inane Gentry and Clergy
Keeshan James Rosemary St Publicans
Kelly John Main St Publicans
Kelly  Hugh Castle street Publicans
Kelly, Rev John  Gentry and Clergy
Kenedy, Rev O'Kenedy  Gentry and Clergy
Kennedy William Main St Boot and Shoe Makers
Kingsley William  Physicians and Surgeons
Kinnah William Limerick street Publicans
Kirwin Patrick Rosemary St Earthenware Dealers
Large Henry Castle street Saddlers
L'Estrange, Rev Thomas, Rector Glebe House Gentry and Clergy
Lloyd Colonel Gloster Gentry and Clergy
Lloyd, Esq J. Lowland House Gentry and Clergy
Lynch Jonathan  Gun Maker
Lynham Matthew Main St Cabinet Maker
Lynnan Matthew Main St Earthenware Dealers
Maher Cornelius Grove Street Tailors
Maher Timothy Castle street Bakers
Maher Timothy  Publicans
Maher William Main St Publicans
Mailer Denis Rosemary St Publicans
Malone Peter Main St Woolen Manufacturers
Marshall Samuel Rosemary St Timber Merchants
Maxwell Albert Glenalbert Attorneys
M'Clean James Castle street Publicans
M'Donall Andrew Main St Painters and Glaziers
M'Donall John  Carpenters
M'Gennis ? Main St Bakers
M'Gennis John Main St Publicans
M'Gennis John Main St Wine and Spirts Dealers
M'Gennis William Main St Grocers
M'Gennis William Main St Haberdashers
M'Gennis William Main St Wine and Spirts Dealers
M'Gennis Win. Main St Bakers
Minuet, Exq William Cloughan Gentry and Clergy
Molloy Richard Mason (landscape, figure & architect), Castle st
O'Brien A.  Salt Manufacturer
O'Brien Elizabeth Rosemary St Publicans
O'Donnell Edw Gentlemen's Day Academies
O'Lery Elizabeth Main St Bakers
O'Lery Elizabeth Main St Earthenware Dealers
O'Shaunessey, Rev James, P.P.  Gentry and Clergy
Palmer  Francis Main St Wine and Spirts Dealers
Palmer, Esq Francis Main St Linen Drapers
Palmer, Esq Sandford  Gentry and Clergy
Palmer, Esq Thos Glanacurragh Gentry and Clergy
Phelan James Rosemary St Publicans
Phelan Thomas Castle street Publicans
Phelan William Rosemary St Carpenters
Powell Mrs. Main St Apothecaries
Prettie, Hon. F.A., M.P. Corville Gentry and Clergy
Reynolds Nicholas Main St Linen Drapers
Rhodes William Main St Linen Drapers
Rhodes William Main St Woolen Manufacturers
Richardson Robert Castle street Haberdashers
Richardson Robert Castle street Linen Drapers
Ryan James Main St Linen Drapers
Sheane, Esq Arthur Thos  Gentry and Clergy
Smallman Isaac (White Hart) Inns and Hotels
Smallman Thomas Mall Leather Sellers
Smallman Thomas Mall Tanners
Smallman William Castle street Painters and Glaziers
Smallman William Castle street Tallow Chandlers
Smith Captain Mount Butler Gentry and Clergy
Smith Charles Rosemary St Tailors
Smith, Esq John Anneville Gentry and Clergy
Smith, Esq Joshua Drum Hill Gentry and Clergy
Smith, Esq Patten Verdant Hill Gentry and Clergy
Smith, Esq Wm Racket Hall Gentry and Clergy
Snow Michael Main St Publicans
Stewart, Rev Samuel Gentlemen's Day, Castle St Academies
Stewart, Rev Samuel Henry  Gentry and Clergy
Stuart Lieutenant  Gentry and Clergy
Talbot John Main St Tallow Chandlers
Talbot Leece Comm Affidavits, Master Extraordinary, Main St
Talbot Leece Main St Linen Drapers
Talbot Samuel Main St Attorneys
Taylor General Mount Eaton Gentry and Clergy
Tracey John Limerick street Leather Sellers
Tracey Michael Rosemary St Ironmongers
Tracey Michael Rosemary St Timber Merchants
Walsh Edward Rosemary St Publicans
Whitten Anne Main St Haberdashers
Wood Morris Castle street Saddlers
Wood  Moses Castle street Bakers
Wood, Rev Samuel Mall Gentry and Clergy
Wood, Rev Samuel Boarding & Day for Ladies, Mall Academies
Woodlock John Main St Grocers
Woodlock Patrick Main St Wine and Spirts Dealers
Woodlock William (manufacturer), Main st Tobacconists
Yaughan, Esq` Wm P Golden Grove Gentry and Clergy
Young Ben.  Stamp Distributer

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