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Here are some transcripts of newspaper articles both here and in the USA on trout shipped from Roscrea to New York in  1961

    Live fish to fly in jetliner
                                                                                         Twenty-four Irish brown trout will live in the sky for six hours to-day while they fly from Shannon Airport to New York in the pressurised cargo-hold of an Aer _Lingus-Irish International Airlines Shamrock jet. The fish are being flown to the American National Outdoor Exposition, which begins at the New York Coliseum to-morrow. During the following week they will provide, the chief attraction at the indoor fishing contest, one of the major features of the exposition .The trout, which are being provided by the Inland Fisheries Trust from the Fanure Fish Farm at Roscrea. are expected to prove effective bait in the Irish airline's campaign to lure American anglers to Ireland this year.

A CARGO of brown trout will make Irish commercial and aviation history today by being flown alive in a jet airliner from Shannon to New York in special water-filled polythene bags.
They will go on show at the American National Outdoor Exposition in New York Colisseum as typical specimens of Irish river and lake fish. A trout fishing competition has also been arranged and the winner will receive a free trip to Ireland. Public Relations said yesterday:  Mr. Bart Cronin of Aer Lingus "Examples of this fine type of trout we have in Ireland should be a big incentive to the contestants, apart from the attraction of the holiday." . The American fishermen, how ever, will not see really big Irish trout as they do not stand up to the journey. "The American anglers are normally satisfied with' the seven- to eight-inch trout, but they'are going to be told about the 14-inchers," explained ¦ Mr. Cronin.  The 24 specimen, fish came from the Inlandand Trust Fish Farm in Roscrea.

Recently a novel type of angling competition took place in a small pond somewhere in New York. The winner of the event received a prize of a week's angling holiday in Ireland. However, to make the lucky angler more acclimatised to the type of fish he was going to encounter in Ireland, large Irish trout were flown out to the Public Relations Manager of Aer Lingus, in New York from the Inland Fisheries Trust Fish Farm at Fanure, Roscrea. The method used was
Before the competition took place headlines appeared on the leading American newspapers "Four Killed In Crash." Actually, it was four trout out of the consignment being flown out, and not four human beings as everybody imagined. It seems that the van which collected the trout from the airport had a slight crash .

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